The Alliance is governed by a system of organizational checks and balances.  We have an elected corporate Board of Directors over the 501(c)6 organization, Elected Officers and a Chapter Delegate Board to lead the National Membership Program, and a Corporate Advisory Board to provide industry insight.  Additionally, we are proud to employ a staff dedicated to the management of the organization. 

This structure is unlike any LGBTQ+ organization in the industry. 

Elected National Officers 

National Membership Program

Dave Gervase (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
National President + Chair of the Board

Erin Morrison (Austin, TX)
2022 President-Elect

John Thorpe (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
2022 Immediate Past President

Anita Blue (Houston, TX)
National Vice President

Anthony Vulin (Los Angeles, CA)
2022 National Vice President-Elect

Tommie Wehrle (Hartford, CT)
National Secretary 

2022 National Secretary-Elect 

Rodney Mason (Atlanta, GA)
National Treasurer

2022 National Treasurer-Elect

Tim Garvey (Boston, MA)

Alliance Resource Groups (ARGs)

International Ambassadors 
Guy Parker, Chair

PRISM: Professionals of Color
Derek Lee, Chair

Veteran & Military Advisory Group
Togasii Peko, Chair

Women’s Network
Middy Matthews + Jenni Welch, Co-Chairs


Commercial Advisory Council

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council
Octavius Smiley-Humphires, Co-Chair

Kimberly Davis, Co-Chair

Mortgage Advisory Council
Rodney Mason + Kimber White, Co-Chairs

Policy + Advocacy Council
Christopher SurannaTim Garvey, Co-Chairs



Non-Profit Board of Directors

Dave Gervase (Keller Williams)

John Thorpe (The Agency)

Sean Frank (Mainframe Real Estate)

Jackie Garber (Cummings & Co. Realty)

Austin Rowe (ROWE Realty)

Val Scinto (Keller Williams)

Octavius Smiley-Humphries (FLEX Realty) 

Feroza Syed (Sotheby’s)

Kimberly Davis (Keller Williams)

Monty Smith (John L. Scott)

Jonathon Lovitz (DEI Strategy Advisor)

Tim Garvey (Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices – Non-voting)

Ryan Weyandt (LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance – Non-voting)

The Staff Team

Ryan Weyandt
Chief Executive Officer

Zaylore Stout
Chief Legal Counsel

Mary Mancera
SVP, Industry Relations

Kenya Burrell VanWormer
VP, Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion and Association Management

David Siroty
VP, Communications + PR

Alex Cruz
Director, Professional Services

Randy Kravarik
Manager, IT Services

Pip Franke
Program Manager

Meredith Jensen
Art & Graphic Design 


 Chapter Delegate Board (CDB)

The Chapter Delegate Board is composed of Delegates from all governance regions of the Alliance, as well as the national Officers of the Alliance.  The National President also chairs the CDB.  Delegates can be located on the National Chapter Program page.

Thank You

The organization was conceptualized by and created at the direction of a 53-person Steering Committee, led by an 11-person Executive Board headed by Chairperson Ryan Weyandt. Ryan was nominated and elected to this role by the members of the Steering Committee.

Together, these volunteers combined their passion, knowledge and expertise to guide the development of critical assets including bylaws, mission + vision statements, a website, naming, branding, and chapter development. 

We also greatly appreciate the financial support of our Founding Contributors who helped fund the establishment of our organization. Without these individuals, our organization would not be where it is today.

Listed alphabetically by first name.


Alex Cruz

Joshua Baumgardner

Amelia Robinette

Julie Nelson

Amy Adams

Kenneth Osborn

Anthony Hitt

Kimber and Grady White

Anthony Vulin

Lauren Feher

Brandon Jordan

Lydiana Navarro

Brian Maguire

Marcus Saitschenko

Brian Tiffany

Mark S. Rosenberg

Bruce Williams

Martin Scott

Christopher Suranna

Mary Mancera

Chuck Garrett

Michael Jewer

Darryl Hunt

Michael Tessaro

Dave Gervase

Michael Ussery

David Ferrando

Mj Moss

Dennis Gorman

Monty D Smith

Ellen Grubert

Nada Djomehri

Eric Axelson

Octavius Smiley-Humphries

Eric Wyse

Portia Ryan

Erin Morrison

Rodney Mason

Geoff Hamill

Ron Crouse

Guy Parker

Ryan Weyandt

Jackie Garber

Sandy & Jeff Naragon

Jay Feldman

Scott Poe

Jeffrey Lines

Shannon Brien

Jeff Little

Skip Kirst

Jen Haggard

Spencer L Eiseman

Jim Meyer

Timothy Garvey

John Harper

Tracie Mayo

John Thorpe

Valeria Scinto

John Westfall-Kwong

Zachary Krasman

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