Corporate Partners

Corporate Partners

According to our friends at NGLCC*, the LGBTQ+ community has an annual purchase power of over $1 trillion in the U.S. and an estimated $3.7 trillion globally. The community is a huge consumer force that votes with its dollars. 72% of LGBTQ+ people have made a conscious decision to make a purchase over the past 12 months partially due to a company’s LGBTQ-inclusion.*

This equates to opportunity for companies that want to tap into the power and influence of LGBTQ+ real estate practitioners who sway the choices of LGBTQ+ customer. 80% of LGBTQ+ agreed that companies that support LGBTQ+ equality will get more of their business this year.*

Through its partnership offerings, the Alliance strives to be a partner that listens to your feedback, enriches your business plans, educates your workforce about LGBTQ+ and increases your business by approaching LGBTQ+ issues as a business opportunity and value-add.

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