National Chapter Program

National Chapter Program


NOW OPEN: 50+ Chapters in 30+ States

Delegates in more than 30 states launched more than 50 chapters in 2020. Our initial plan began with the introduction of Alliance chapters in Austin, Atlanta, Orlando, Baltimore, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles in early Q4 2020.  Due to their success, and demand, the program has quickly grown and on Valentine’s Day 2021 we opened membership and our Chapter Program to our friends in Canada! 

We look forward to European expansion in 2022.

The mission of the Alliance Chapter Program is to provide local gathering points for LGBTQ+ and allied real estate and housing industry practitioners. We want to enrich members’ lives through education and networking opportunities that cultivate and grow their businesses and enhance their professional lives.  We also aim to deliver rich advocacy and philanthropic platforms.

Our quest is to build the scope and influence of chapters at the local level through partnerships with local nonprofits and through programming that integrates LGBTQ+ groups like NGLCC, PFLAG, NFHA, and state and local real estate associations. We seek to increase the awareness and understanding of issues and challenges that confront LGBTQ+ customers.

The colors above depict the 13 Chapter Delegate Regions.

Meet Our Chapter Leaders

  • Region 1:
    • Connecticut: Gerard Sullivan
    • Massachusetts:
      • Boston: John Nickerson
    • Maine: TBA
    • New Hampshire: TBA
    • Rhode Island: TBA
    • Vermont: Open
  • Region 2:
    • New Jersey: Opening in 2023
    • New York:
      • New York City: Gennaro Hathaway-Tillotson
    • Pennsylvania:
      • Pittsburgh: TBA
      • Philadelphia: TBA
  • Region 3:
  • Region 4:
  • Region 5: TBA
    • Alabama: Open
    • Florida
      • Orlando: Paul Richards
      • South Florida: TBA 2023
        • Pods
          • Miami: TBA
          • Fort Lauderdale: Rhonda Hooper
          • Florida Keys: Open
      • Jacksonville: Christian Oliva
      • Tampa Bay Area: Caitlin (CJ) Jones
    • Georgia
      • Atlanta: Manny Recinos
    • Mississippi: Open
    • US Virgin Islands: Open
    • Puerto Rico: Open
  • Region 6: Brian Tiffany
    • Michigan
    • Ohio
      • Cleveland: TBA 2023
      • Cincinnati: Sydney Morales
      • Columbus: Wayne Henry
  • Region 7:
    • Illinois
      • Chicago: Patrick Lynch
    • Indiana: Zach Miller
    • Wisconsin: Aaron Weiler
  • Region 8:
    • Iowa: 2022 TBA
    • Minnesota: Bryan Sletten
    • Nebraska: Open
    • North Dakota: Open
    • South Dakota: Open
  • Region 9:
  • Region 10: 
    • Louisiana: Opening in 2023
    • Texas
      • Austin: Blake Gutierrez-Siegel
      • Dallas/Ft Worth: Kimber Fox
      • San Antonio: OPEN
      • Houston: Riaz Pooran
      • El Paso: Dina Perez
  • Region 11: 
  • Region 12:
  • Region 13: 
    • California
      • Sacramento: Kellie Swayne
      • Los Angeles: Rod Pyle
      • Central Valley: Alicia Arakelian
      • Long Beach: Ken Osborn
      • Palm Springs: TBA 2023
      • San Diego: Richard Woods
      • San Francisco: Matt Hendry
      • Silicon Valley: Jessa Walsh
      • OC: Andrew Lin
    • Hawaii & Pacific Islands: Op

Chapter Mentor Program

Lead Mentor – 2023 OPEN

Regions 1-7 – 2023 OPEN

Regions 7-13 – 2023 OPEN

The Chapter Mentor Program was created to aid and assist the growth and development of chapter leaders, chapter expansion, and talent cultivation within the organization’s Chapter Program.  Mentors must meet specific criteria to serve and have either spent four (4) years in a chapter board role, or two (2) years as a chapter president.  

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