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PRIDE is love. Pride is freedom. Pride is community. Pride is family. Sometimes it’s chosen family, those special souls that are accepting hearts that make you feel at home.

No matter what is going on in the world, the LGBTQ+ community comes together every year to celebrate its differences and distinctions. This year we honor the gifts of chosen family, biological family, the meaning of PRIDE and welcome our Ally friends in the celebration. Happy Pride!

– Alliance Sr. Vice President of Industry Relations, Mary Mancera

Erin Morrison, Sondra Fontenot & Mina

PRIDE means having the freedom to walk hand in hand with my wife, being able to raise our daughter in a home full of love, and being surrounded by souls that accept us, and our family, without judgement or shame.

John Thorpe & Jay Feldman

“Today we walk in solitude with our chosen family, as we remember those who lost their life, just living their authentic lives!” #pulseremembrance #wiltonmanorspride

Yamila Ayad & Mary Mancera

During PRIDE, we celebrate our chosen family. We celebrate life with them and travel the world with them. We LOVE how we cherish one another. It means everything.

David Siroty

Just moments after Jim Obergefell, who I’ve had the privilege of becoming friendly with, won his historic same-sex marriage Supreme Court case in June 2015, CNNs Pamela Brown, surrounded by thousands, had her mic next to Jim as President Obama congratulated him on speaker phone. We all got to hear it! What a perfect Pride Month moment. Seven years later, Jim’s fight has positively impacted so many. I was reminded of it recently when my son said in passing, without even blinking, “when I get married…”. Pride Month is about support, friendship, caring and love for all LGBTQ+ people, their families and friends. While it should - and hopefully does happen - all year long, the focus on June is powerful. Happy Pride!

Dave Gervase

I celebrate 25 years walking hand in hand with my husband Ted. Pride to be is celebrating the all the obstacles that we’ve overcome and continue to fight for in the LBGTQ+ community as well as the hurdles that we all face in our relationships. The balance of families, children, pets, careers, illnesses, achievements, and love. So much love. All marriages have this in common but it’s with Pride that we live our life open and transparent. We share our pride with both our biological families and our logical family; friends that we’ve embraced and built lives with. That’s the magic of our pride, the ability to band together and have each other’s back.

Sherry Chris
CEO of Realogy Expansion Brands

Being a long term and strong ally to the LGBTQ community has been an important part of my life, both personally and professionally. For me, it is very clear that we are all human beings who should support, love and care for one another to ultimately make this world a better place.

Ricki Anaya

Pride is living my best authentic life and sharing that with the world. This includes great self-care: Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and finding my tribe of people that will love and support me along the way.

Julie Nelson & Kay Angermann

Pride is a reminder that joy is what matters.

Ryan Weyandt

Meeting and marrying my husband was the ultimate proudest day of my life. Being able to share that day with my parents, siblings, nephews, goddaughter, godmother and others in my immediate family was an honor and blessing I will never forget. Looking back on New Year's Eve 2019/2020, life seemed simpler and happier. I'm grateful this photo represents a happier time, only two years ago. I'm proud and so grateful to have the support and love of family.

Sean Frank

I'm proud that my family loves me for who I am. I know that not everyone can say the same so I am very grateful for their acceptance that I am gay.

Octavius Smiley Humphries

Pride is not just celebrating our collective community. I get to celebrate love with someone who walks this life with me. More than anything PRIDE is about me being able to be a father to the most incredible human ever!

Jonathan Lovitz

Pride is one of our most powerful, public acts of positive civil disobedience. It also saves lives by proving that who you are matters and deserves to be seen. We should never take what we’ve fought for and won for granted or treat the importance of it lightly. And most importantly, we cannot—we must not—ever hide. We have come so far in the fifty plus years since Stonewall, and while the road ahead is long and uncertain, that road has more allies and more out members of our family on it than ever before.

Ann Dyste

Pride is, and always has been, about family and community. For me, it’s my greatest accomplishment and something that brings me more joy than I ever could have imagined. – Ann Dyste (St. Paul, MN)

Scott Armstrong

Celebrating 31 years together and the magic and love makes our cup overflow.

Steve Ducos

PRIDE to us means the freedom to openly share our love and our family with the world. It’s a validation that our family is real, is beautiful and is celebrated. In it’s most raw form, it’s a big ‘ol celebration of our life – that is just absolutely fabulous and no one can take away!

Monty Smith

To be able to celebrate Pride with my husband is something for the majority of my life I never expected to be able to do. We can, and we are, and we will continue to safeguard and expand these hard fought victories! Happy Pride!

Austin Rowe

Pride is the time of year where all that are a part of our LGBTQ community can see and show their sense of belonging. My family is made up of my husband, Taylor, and our puppy Corgi, Silas. They are my why.

Tim Garvey

Pride to me means that at the ripe old age that I am, I have come to terms with who I am, and celebrate with Pride and Compassion with my fellow travelers as well as those who fail to understand that I was made this way - it was not a choice, but something that took time to acknowledge. I do choose whom I love - whether birth family or not. I am thankful for my Husband and do what I can to support and advocate for our community. Happy Pride everyone - stay involved!

Pip Franke

Pride to me means celebrating your authentic self with those who you love, and those who love you. Family means those who love you unequivocally, whether they’re blood related or not. Pride is about celebrating what makes you, and your family, you.

Leslie Rouda Smith

Pride reminds us of the importance of family. Family loves and accepts us for who we are, and family makes a house a home. My family and I are proud of NAR’s continued work to fight housing discrimination and support the LGBTQ+ community. As NAR President, I will work to lead the fight against discrimination due to gender identity or sexual orientation, this month and every month—because Pride always has a home at NAR.

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