Tips for LGBTQ+ homebuyers

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For LGBTQ+ people shopping for a home, there is support.

Plus, Tommie L. Wehrle, broker and LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance member, offered a few tips and resources to know.

What might discrimination look like in the house-hunting process for LGBTQ+ people?

It is often so subtle, the person or people may not even be aware or know they are being treated differently, denied access or given false information.

  • For example, someone refers you to an agent, you meet with this agent, and they start suggesting other areas to live in besides the one you wanted. Are they “steering” you because you are LGBTQ+ or is it really because there is nothing in that area that meets your needs or price range?
  • Then there are more obvious indications, like certain yard signs posted around a neighborhood.

Do you have tips for LGBTQ+ people going through the process? Are there things to keep in mind for safety?

  • Find an LGBTQ+-friendly agent.
  • Do your research about the area you are moving to, and find out how inclusive they are. You can use sites like or the ACLU.
  • Trust your instincts. If you feel you are not being treated properly, say something.

How real estate pros can be better allies


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