A new LGBTQ+ real estate association forms under the working name of “LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance”

An historic day for the LGBTQ+ community and LGBTQ+ advocacy.

Yesterday was a historic day for the LGBTQ+ community. Along with the Supreme Court ruling that has made it illegal to discriminate against our community in the workplace, it was also the day that we have launched the foundation of a new and inclusive LGBTQ+ advocacy, education and networking group within the real estate industry.  

We have assembled a nationwide network of dedicated and experienced volunteer leaders who will exercise due diligence over the coming days, weeks and months to ensure we have proper governance, transparency and input from so many. We will work to develop a mission statement, bylaws, a Board of Directors and a platform of how we can positively impact the real estate industry and the LGBTQ+ community to remove barriers on the path to homeownership. 

We are utilizing a working title and associated logo of “LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance” and will soon craft the formal name of the organization.

We are gratified by the response and encouragement we have received from the real estate industry, leading LGBTQ+ non-profits and various government entities. We look forward to their guidance and support as we move forward.  

As the organization ramps up, we have created a Facebook page to welcome those in the real estate industry – members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies – who wish to engage and support this new and powerful endeavor. Please visit http://www.facebook.com/lgbtqrealliance

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