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Allen Zeller is special. Unquestionably, he is totally knowledgeable about the real estate market, and he puts that to work for his clients, whether they’re sellers, buyers, or both. If you are selling, he will “stage,” photograph, and video your home for maximum visual impact; if you are buying, he will find properties that meet your expectations, and give you solid advice when making an offer.

But he’s much more. When needed, he’s not above physically assisting his clients with packing, finding handymen or contractors to make repairs, researching and resolving potential legal hurdles, and doing whatever is necessary to ensure a successful outcome. He is astute, and gives solid advice, but he also listens to his clients, and hears them. And he is always available, and promptly responds, whenever you need him. In short, if you are looking for a realtor in Southern Nevada Allen Zeller is your man.

-Steve S

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